Wedding Catering

The food experience you create on your wedding day is central to your entire celebration. The influence of your wedding catering extends beyond the food and entertains all of the senses. Your catering will be one of the most defining aspects and the most memorable components of your event. The artful display of cuisine at a precise temperature and calculated measure of flavor on a perfect timeline comes down to precision and excellence.

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Service Style of Your Wedding Catering

Your wedding venue, layout and designs will set the tone of your entire event. If you are creating a formal reception in an elegant ballroom, sit-down service would be appropriate. Formal settings encompass full-service catering with plated meals, white glove butler service and table service that leaves nothing to chance. Full-service wedding catering manages the cocktail hour, reception and every event in your venue that revolves around food. Even if your venue includes banquet staff and food managers, your catering service can deliver additional banquet staff to accommodate a higher standard of service. Consider pampering your guests with three waiters for every six tables. A slightly less formal event might open the door for buffet-style service, where guests serve themselves in a buffet line. Buffet service allows for an elegant display of a variety of dishes. Envision your wedding day and the dining atmosphere you want to create with your wedding catering.


Luis and his team were beyond great !!!!! Luis food was so tasteful, served hot and amazing ! He literally asked me almost every time did I eat or need anything and he sent a lot of food to me as soon as ceremony was over! Our food was on our table ready to eat as soon as we sat down. I loved it all ! My guest loved his tasteful food they kept talking about how good it was even asked me for his number so he could cater to them. We did deserts as well and my kids and guest loved it !!! They were on mirrors and you would just pull them off and eat them it was absolutely nothing I have ever seen! Thank you sooooooo much Luis for everything!!


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We can drop off your cuisine for a buffet-style event.


Table Service
Wedding Catering

Wedding catering offers different styles of table service to consider:


  • Service à la Russe brings waiters to the tables to serve each dish sequentially, and each guest individually from platters. One waiter might deliver the entrée or a choice of entrees, while a second waiter serves vegetables. This service creates an elegant and Old World feeling.


  • Service à la Française brings waiters to the table to serve the entire meal. Banquet French service serves plated meals from platters. Waiters place each dish in front of each guest. French table side service involves portable table side food prep, such as tossing salads or flaming a steak. Food is prepared on a réchaud atop a gueridon and served to each individual guest to the right. This is the only service where guests are served to the right. Table side dining creates an impressive show and an upscale vibe. Desserts are rolled on a cart and served individually. 


  • Family style service brings food on platters to the table and allows guests to serve themselves. This creates interaction among guests and allows guests to customize their plate.


Interactive Food Stations

Wedding catering with interactive food stations bring your venue to life with a dramatic presentation. You can showcase dishes and entertain with a culinary tour delivered by the chef. Stations are set up within the venue to center the event around the food. This allows guests to have fun exploring different types of foods while building their plate with a skilled chef. Examples of a food station are a waffle station, pasta bar, mofongo station, avocado station, taco cart and a short rib station. This type of interactive experience features the showmanship of the chef and increases the possibilities with your wedding catering.


Explore the Menu

Think about the foods you are passionate about and the foods that are significant to your theme. Explore the menu and fine details with the chef to plan your wedding catering experience throughout your wedding venue. Envision a cocktail hour with white glove butler service and guests indulging in mini sofrito beef empanadas, ham croquettes or Caribbean style ceviche. Design your elegant table with NY Strip in a demi glaze sauce or filet mignon. Explore every possibility with a seasoned chef that can bring your vision to life with a creative and diversified menu that avoids the cookie-cutter wedding catering experience. 


Deliver a sophisticated cuisine to your elegant table with more than 25 years of wedding catering experience from the master culinary artists at 5 Senses Restaurant & Catering. The talent and imagination behind every creative masterpiece is Chef Luis Bernabe. His skills have been refined by the mastery of formal culinary arts training and decades of experience directing in executive chef positions at upscale venues. Bring imagination to the table for a tasting and explore a diversified menu. Every event catering experience is customized to match vision and budget. Discover 5 Senses Restaurant & Catering and the extraordinary food experience that awaits you.