Tips for Your Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Delivering the dining experience you envision involves interviews, tastings and detailed planning. Catering is more than just picking your entrees and sides. Since your magical moments should be nothing less than perfect, we are sharing some tips to help you plan your wedding catering.


Your wedding day is not your ordinary family dinner party. The key to creating a successful dining experience is people-pleasing. It can be challenging to please everyone. In fact, most planners will explain that you cannot please every guest in attendance. However, there are ways to create a menu that most will enjoy, while staying true to your theme and vision. Your menu should consider whether most of guests will enjoy spicy foods. Fish is not a favorite for everyone; therefore, you could make seafood an option, instead of a main course. Some are less adventurous when it comes to food. While ethnic foods can be exciting for the palate, serve food that plays to your crowd.

Wedding Catering

Customizing the Wedding Catering Menu

Your wedding catering should be as unique as your wedding day. If there is a favorite recipe or special dish that you really want to serve, you should discuss this with your chef. Most wedding catering companies have a standard menu, but some are willing to modify it to make your moments more memorable. The reception might carry a theme with food that is significant to your love story, such as your first formal dinner date together or the dinner you enjoyed the night you got engaged. If you want to recreate that vibe with the table setting, service and cuisine, these are details you should plan directly with your planner and your chef.

Offering Choices

Many brides wonder if they should offer their guests a choice with the main course. There are a few ways to offer a choice of entrees. You could list the options in the RSVP card to allow your guests to choose their entrée in advance. Table service allows guests to choose from a menu and place an order during the reception. Having waiters take orders is time consuming and usually only works where there is a restaurant at the venue. You could serve two entrees. The most affordable and efficient method of offering choices is a buffet-style event. Interactive food stations could also be integrated into the venue, which would give guests even more choices.

Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering Should Consider Diets

Your wedding catering should should consider diets. Some guests might be vegetarian, have food allergies or have religious restrictions. The easiest way to gather this important information is with boxes on the RSVP card for guests to check when a special diet applies. If a guest has a nut allergy, your caterer needs to be aware. It is always safe to have options for diabetic and vegetarian diets. Food restrictions and allergies are important conversations that you should plan to have with the chef.

Feeding Children

Children can be finicky eaters. They might not appreciate shrimp or lobster. Pasta and chicken nuggets might be more suitable choices. If you are expecting children, you should work with the chef to arrange kids’ meals.

Headcount for Your Wedding Catering

During the initial tasting, you will probably talk about your estimated guest count. A couple of weeks prior to your event, you will need a final headcount for your wedding catering. It is important that you ask your catering company when the final headcount is due to avoid missing the deadline.

Wedding Catering

Important Notes

It is important to take notes during your entire planning process, especially during your wedding catering tasting and planning. Make a list of questions in advance and note the answers. Many brides use a wedding planning diary to take notes, stay organized and help them plan the fine details.

Wedding Catering

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