The Senses that Affect Your Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering brings a delectable food experience to every table at your wedding venue, but there is more to the experience than food. You will have a lot more on the table than the entrees. What goes on the table and how are very important for creating perfect moments. There are a few things you should know about how senses affect your wedding catering.

Color and Shape

It is important to understand how color and shape can affect the way we experience food. There are four basic groups of taste: salty, sour, bitter and sweet. The experience on the tongue is interpreted in the brain when your taste buds send a message. We see food before we ever taste it, and in that process we begin to develop preconceptions about the flavor. Since sight is one of the first senses to experience the food, color is important. Not just the color of the food, but the color of the plate. The shape and color of the chinaware can affect taste. Round, white plates are known for enhancing sweet flavors. Angular, black plates enhance savory flavors. Red increases appetite, while blue suppresses it.

Wedding Catering

Candles and Your Wedding Catering

Candles make every dinner romantic. There is something about the drip of the melting wax and the soft flickering light in a dim room. For this reason, candles commonly set the table for the wedding catering. It is important to understand how scents can affect taste. We have between 5,000 and 10,000 taste buds, and smell is one of the senses that can get in the way. Our brains acquire information about taste through smell. When the message related to scent is received through the back of the mouth, it is called retronasal olfaction. When it is received through the nostrils, it is called orthonasal olfaction. Regardless of how scent is received, the message will affect the flavor of food. Vanilla can make something taste sweet or sweeter. The smell of food is the enticing aroma we want to deliver, but a scented candle can quickly become an obstacle. It is recommended that you consider the color and scent of candles that you place on the tables near food.

Wedding Catering

Floral Arrangements and Centerpieces

Floral arrangements and centerpieces are part of wedding design, but they should never become obstacles for the experience created by the wedding catering. The dining experience brings your guests together to enjoy food, connect and celebrate. There is an important element of the experience that will be attached to memories forevermore, and it will be shaped by the interactions that take place during the meal. Your guests should be able to interact with one another, enjoy the food together and share in a discussion as they experience it. It is important that you never isolate guests by placing a floral arrangement directly in their view. Always arrange floral arrangements over the tallest person or below the shortest. It is also important to consider the surface area available for table settings and dining. A cluttered table will feel less enjoyable. Designing your table requires balance.

Wedding Catering

Sound Affects Your Wedding Catering

Sound affects the way we experience food. Acoustics, background music and the level of sound will interfere with our perception of the taste of food and drinks. Everything we taste is not only influenced by our sense of smell, but also influenced by what we hear. Loud noise hinders our ability to taste sweetness and saltiness. If you have loud music playing during dining, it will interfere with your guests’ ability to taste fruity flavors. A wind chime or piano accentuates sweetness. Bitterness is amplified by low-pitched brass instruments. Your wedding catering and entertainment should be carefully planned together.

Wedding Catering

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