Planning Your Event Catering

Event Catering

How do you create a complete food experience that will make your celebration unforgettable? Your catering will be one of the most defining aspects and the most memorable components of your event. There is no doubt that the artful display of cuisine at a precise temperature and calculated measure of flavor will make it spectacular. Let’s explore some planning tips and steps to creating the perfect event catering experience.

Finding Your Event Catering Style

Before you start planning the little details, you need to start with your catering style. This requires a vision for the theme and the style of your event. Whether you are planning a rehearsal dinner, birthday bash or all the magic of your wedding day, you will have a venue, a theme and the need for a specific type of event catering. Choosing a venue that can bundle the catering services can ensure a uniformed vision. It is important to explore catering options and all the possibilities to deliver exactly what you want on your special day.

Planning Full-Service Catering

Traditionally, events are planned with a sit-down dinner style that groups guests at tables. The table is usually designed with a couple main entrees and a side. If you desire the elegant and traditional event, you are probably envisioning plated meals and full-service catering that explores every possibility. Full-service catering serves plated meals to each guest, which can eliminate waste and avoid portion control issues. This type of dining experience creates a luxurious and upscale vibe.

Event Catering

Planning the Buffet-Style Event

Not every event and vision requires full-service catering. Sometimes, a buffet-styled event is in the plan. This is the perfect option to mix and match a variety of foods and beverages. Having a spread or arrangement of food on a buffet can also be combined with a full-service catering option. If you are planning a buffet-style event, make sure you have a food manager to control portions and temperature. Drop-off service is designed to deliver your cuisine to banquet staff and food managers for a buffet-style dining experience. Think about how you envision your day and choose the type of service for the dining experience you want to create.

Interactive Food Stations

Having interactive food stations can connect your guests with a customized food experience. These are buffet stations that are managed by a chef to build and customize each dish. Examples of a food station are a waffle station, pasta bar, mofongo station, avocado station, taco cart and a short rib station. This type of interactive experience increases the possibilities.

Event Catering

The Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour is part of most weddings, but can also be a time to mingle and indulge in appetizers at many other types of events. Regardless of whether you are considering full-service catering or a buffet-style event, you will probably want to service appetizers for a little taste of the main course to come.

The Event Catering Menu

Choosing your cuisine and discovering flavors with a tasting is probably the most enjoyable part of the event planning process. This brings your vision and sophisticated palate to the table to explore a creative and diversified menu. Packaged menu options can make planning a simple process, but be careful to avoid a cookie-cutter catering experience. Pairing entrees with a complementing appetizer and side can create a safe starting point. Explore options and work with an event catering company that can customize your table of cuisine to match your vision.

Choosing Your Cuisine

There are few things to consider when choosing your cuisine. The season can cause certain foods to be experienced differently. You might choose a hot and creamy soup in the cold of winter that you would avoid during the summer. Your theme will affect your choices. You would not imagine a romantic Tuscany adventure with a table set with Indian cuisine. While there are no real rules to your cuisine, it is a good idea to create a food experience that conveys your theme. If you are planning a multicultural event, you might consider a fusion menu that balances the flavors. You should consider options for those with food allergies and special diet restrictions. Never be afraid to explore ideas and deliver an infusion of flavor that steps outside of the box of traditional catering and excites the palate with something unique.

Event Catering

Budgeting for Event Catering

Catering can consume a significant portion of your budget, but it does not need to create sacrifice. While it is risky to base the decision solely upon the price of a plate, you will want to know the average cost of catering to make the best decision. Keep in mind that skimping in this area risks disaster. A professional caterer with a reputation will cost between $20 and $40 per plate on average. Catering can cost less or much more, depending on skill and reputation. Negotiate and customize your packages to receive the most savings. Working with a venue that bundles services and has preferred vendors can help you save the most with your event catering.

Reputation Matters

Your entire celebration will revolve around food and a timeline. One of the most critical mishaps that could possibly occur would be food never making its way to the venue. Next to the missing food experience would be late service of food. There are many more issues affecting your catering to consider, such as temperature issues, insufficient quantities and poor presentation. Hiring a professional catering company with reputation behind their name ensures a flawless event.

Event Catering

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