Planning Your Catering Menu

Catering Menu

There is a lot weighing on getting the fine dining right, and delivering the entire food experience. The cuisine will be one of the most defining elements of your entire celebration; therefore, your catering menu is an important decision. You are just a few tips away from planning the ultimate menu and delivering a catering experience that excites all the senses.

The Dynamic of the Menu

Every event is unique, and so are our preferences for food. When planning the food, it is important to consider the unique dynamic of the event and how the menu compliments it. The type of event and theme will be obvious elements; however, there are not-so-obvious elements to consider. Chicken is one of the most common dishes, probably due to the fact that chicken is a popular dish that finds common ground where disparate palates exist. This does not mean your chicken menu should be common. While the idea is to consider what most guests will enjoy, and you have to anticipate preference, there should be a unique blend and burst of flavorful herbs and spices that caters to all in the process of setting your catering menu apart from the rest. There are many ways to cook a steak. The seasoning will help define it. The most basic and first decision you should make about your catering menu is whether to serve poultry, beef or fish. Once you have settled the meat dilemma, you need to find a balance and determine how your catering menu will make the way that dish is perceived a unique experience that fits the dynamic of your event.

Catering Menu

Building a Catering Menu

It is recommended that you offer at least two choices of entrées. Your catering menu should include a salad with a couple different dressing options. You should plan at least two sides and a roll or other choice of bread. Your menu should consider dietary and religious restrictions, and create options for those special circumstances. Take into consideration which items are in season, and whether the food choice fits with a summer and spring or fall and winter event. You should always consider how you blend culture and ethnic cuisine, such as Asian, French, Italian, Mexican and Middle Eastern foods. Appetizers are important for setting the stage for the main course. Make sure you thoughtfully pair the appetizer with the main course so that the flavors compliment each other and create an enjoyable transition between experiences.

Catering Menu

Considering the Timeline

The timeline can determine your menu and how you deliver it. Think about menu options that are best suited for your timeline of events. Plated meals can take about an hour and a half on the timeline. A buffet can usually be completed within an hour. Food stations throughout your venue can allow your guests to explore and experience cuisine in a way that makes it part of the entertainment. It can exist as part of a buffet or to compliment plated meals. The room layout and the timeline of events must be coordinated with the catering.

All the Senses

Food is not just experienced on the tongue. It must be visually appealing and not be cluttered with strong external influences. The color of the plate and the linens can affect the taste. Scented candles and flowers can distort it. The catering is a main event, and whether it exists as a buffet or as plated meals, it should be an appealing display of colorful, fragrant, and appetizing food choices. Presentation is such a significant part of catering that it must be carefully coordinated with with the décor. Food has texture that can trigger thoughts, which can make or break the dish. Your menu should consider the artistry of the dish, the texture of the food, the aroma, the infusion of flavor and sound conditioning provided by environment and a sizzling cuisine on display.

Catering Menu

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