Make Your Wedding Catering Perfect

Wedding Catering

Every bride wants an absolutely perfect wedding day. Since the entire experience will revolve around food, wedding catering will be an important part of making it perfect. What makes a good catering experience? With shortcuts and the budget in mind, let’s explore some tips for wedding catering.

The Most Costly Money-Saving Shortcut

Everyone has their own unique budget for pulling off this once in a lifetime experience. Brides ask a repeating question about their wedding catering. While the shock value of the question is eroding away, the fact that it is still a question makes it important. Many brides ask, “Can my family member cook the food, instead of hiring professional wedding catering?” Catering is one of the most expensive components of the big day, but is also one of the most important. If you can create the experience with a trusted family chef, then it should not become a question at all. The fact that it is a question, means their ability is already in question and a bride is looking for confirmation. Do they have the level of skills, professionalism and experience to calculate, cook, time, deliver and set up for an entire wedding? Delegating your catering to an amateur puts too much at risk. There are other ways to save without creating expensive mishaps.

Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering for the Season and Theme

When building your menu for your wedding day, you will need to make some decisions about the types of foods you will serve. There is a balance between the theme and the season, which are frequently related. The season can affect taste in a couple of different ways. Ingredients are fresh and readily available when they are in season. A hot soup might be enjoyed differently in the winter than it would in the summer. These recommendations do not bind you to the dishes of the season. If your theme calls for something different than what is on the traditional menu of the month, go for it. Wedding catering for a theme is an opportunity to add a little individuality. The dining experience should always match your vision. It is important to share your theme and vision with your caterer.

Counting Heads

Your headcount will be an important detail for everything you will be planning, including your wedding catering. The number of guests in attendance will determine how many tables, chairs, plates and linens will be used. It will also determine how much food will be ordered. In the beginning, you will probably only have an estimate. Try to get that estimate as close to the real number as possible. Do not forget to include your wedding party in that total headcount. A smaller wedding can leave more in the budget for a more extravagant dining experience, but do not let the budget exclude important people from your special day. Find a balance between cost and experience. You might consider a buffet-style service, which can be more affordable. The final headcount should be given to your caterer a couple weeks prior to your event. Make sure you plan to receive your RSVPs in time.

Wedding Catering

Service Style

The style of service will make a difference in the experience and the budget. Since both of these are in a constant balance, let’s explore different types of service. Full-service will always be the most expensive choice, but the tone of your event might want to avoid lines to a buffet. Full-service involves plated meals and different styles of table service. If you want guests to make cuisine choices at the table, it will require additional time and money for a waiter to take orders and the kitchen to plate meals in the moment. It can make more sense to allow guests to make choices on their RSVP cards. Usually this is done in advance and the plates are prepared and ready to serve without too many choices at the table. You could choose to have family-style service. Platters are placed on the table for guests to serve themselves. This can save time and money, and create opportunity for guests to interact. The issue with this type of service is that it clutters a table and takes away from the table décor. It is not recommended for an elegant setting. The buffet-style event is always a money-saving option. The downside is that it can result in portion control issues or food going to waste, if a food manager is not present. Always make sure that your catering company or your venue can provide a food manager for a buffet.

Wedding Catering

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