Fine Dining and the Difference

Fine Dining Restaurant

What’s the difference between fine dining and a casual restaurant? The answers are not always so obvious, since dining styles differ so drastically. If you are searching for a fine dining restaurant, you will need to know what defines it and creates the experience you want.

What You Should Know

Before you take your date to a fine dining restaurant, there are a few things you should know. There is a difference in the atmosphere, dress code, service, cost and the entire food experience. Casual dining is usually a relaxed environment with table service and a food runner. While the food and service at a casual establishment will be above the standard of fast-food, the quality will never compare to a fine dining restaurant. The quality of food will be exceptional due to the skill of a professional chef and fresh ingredients that are hand-picked from the farm and served to the table. The quality and price of fine dining are both above that of a casual restaurant.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Attire for a Fine Dining Restaurant

While casual dining requires shirt and shoes, a fine dining restaurant will have you carefully considering your attire for the occasion. Fine dining is more formal, elegant, and of a higher quality. Even the service of the food is formal. If you are considering a fine dining restaurant, you should match your attire with the cocktail atmosphere.

Food Service at a Fine Dining Restaurant

There is a noticeable difference with food service at a fine dining restaurant. The number of staff members is greater, and so is their level of training. You will discover a professional chef, and knowledgeable servers and bar staff. Each server will manage fewer tables to deliver exceptional service to each guest. The service of food will appear methodical.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Quality and Presentation

Fine dining must meet high standards for quality, ingredients and presentation. The quality of the chinaware, cutlery, linens and décor will be noticeable. Fine dining restaurants are usually smaller, creating an intimate space and quality service consistently. Quality is key. The chef will seek out the best ingredients from local farmers. The freshest ingredients will combine to create culinary artwork on a decorated platter.

The Price

You will usually find higher prices at fine dining restaurants, which are necessary to deliver the quality of service and ingredients the experience demands. Most fine dining restaurants employ acclaimed chefs, and formally trained staff that have extensive training in upscale food service and sophisticated cuisine. Ingredients are hand-selected from local sources to provide the taste of quality. This is the case where you get what you pay for.

Fine Dining Restaurant

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