Farm-to-Table at a Fine Dining Restaurant

Farm-to-table at a fine dining restaurant

What is farm-to-table? Why is it essential to the quality of a fine dining restaurant experience? While every fruit, vegetable and meat is organic and from a farm somewhere on Earth, they are not all created equally. Fine dining requires some well-defined standards and special selection to deliver quality and flavor in every dish. It is important to know how crops are grown and livestock are raised. Avoiding hormones and pesticides, and bypassing the middleman to ensure quality is the farm-to-table concept.

A Fine Dining Restaurant Stays Local

A limited number of small-scale farmers in the area can create challenges for a chef trying to stay local and meet demand. Even when a nearby farm supplies the demand, it could travel a long distance for processing. A Chef that is committed to bringing the plate from the farm-to-table researches the source and the slaughter of meats. The chef at a fine dining restaurant will make sure that the facility meets criteria for quality. The chef will want to know how and what livestock were fed, as well as whether they received humane treatment. Just as with meats, seafood is researched and selected for the plate to avoid fish from poorly regulated waters. Local waters bring the best quality catch of the season to the table.

Farm-to-table at a fine dining restaurant

Farm-to-Table Relationships

The chef of a fine dining restaurant maintains continuous communication with suppliers, including a farmer’s market. Researching how produce is grown is essential to the quality and producing the best flavors. Everything from soil composition to environmental factors are part of the selection process of what makes it to the plate. Farm-to-table requires a relationship between a chef and farmers to plan crops for the season and menu. This special relationship is an investment that ensures your dining experience is worth it.

The Farm-to-Table Menu

The farm-to-table menu is influenced by the season. Ingredients might fluctuate with the season to maintain the best quality. Even when a farm is not a factor in the day-to-day equation, a dedicated chef always makes everything from the rawest form possible.

Farm-to-table at a fine dining restaurant

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