Dine Differently in a Boutique Restaurant

Boutique Restaurant

If you are searching for a change of pace, step away form the cookie-cutter restaurant and dine a little differently. Take your sophisticated palate to a boutique restaurant with a nautical theme and a distinctive menu that is updated weekly with the freshest of everything. Keep reading to discover 5 Senses, a boutique restaurant with a unique atmosphere.

A Unique Atmosphere

A unique atmosphere sets this boutique restaurant apart from the rest. Relax on the deck overlooking Coquina Marina or dine inside the elegant dining space. The nautical theme is in all the details. Take a second look at the vaulted ceilings and discover the hull of a sailboat. A grand piano in the corner and jazz by candlelight set the tone for an elegant dining experience. Indulge in the brunch menu, before or after you explore the water. A smaller dining area and a private VIP room create an intimate venue for a different kind of restaurant experience.

Boutique Restaurant

Boutique Restaurant Menu

This first-class dining experience invites food connoisseurs to excite their senses. There is an element of surprise found in a boutique restaurant menu. A continuously updated menu ensures the freshest ingredients of the season make the plate. It opens a door to creativity and culinary art. The chef takes creative control over the creation of a new menu every week. The finest cuisine is planned and prepared to perfection. Avoid the same old dishes at chain restaurants, and delve into a different kind of food experience. Explore authentic cuisine on the 5 Senses Restaurant menu. Culinary artists design your plate to create an explosion of flavor. Bring your sophisticated palate to the table, and let our executive chef design your table from an exquisite menu. Excite all of your senses at 5 Senses Restaurant.

Boutique Restaurant

Upscale Boutique Restaurant and Bar

Sip the finest champagne and wine, and enjoy exquisite cocktails at the sophisticated bar. A boutique restaurant is focused on quality and uniqueness. Explore a beverage menu that is just as unique as the table. Take a seat at the bar and discover something different every week.

Creating Your Experience

A boutique restaurant sets a high standard for food quality and ensures that guests receive the same quality with every meal. It is more than just what’s on the plate that matters. High-quality ingredients, consistency with flavor and the level of service a boutique restaurant provides is never up for compromise.

Enjoy 5 Senses from the Dock

This boutique restaurant is situated in beautiful Coquina Marina in Daytona Beach, which allows guests to dock their boats and dine with the finest. Dine-in or enjoy the finest on your vessel on the water. Entertain your friends with the Docktail menu and services. Choose your appetizers, entrees and sides, and excite your senses with the finest culinary art.

Boutique Restaurant

Dine at 5 Senses Restaurant

Experience the entertainment and VIP service upon arrival. Enjoy wine beneath the gazebo on the water while you await seating or make a reservation to secure your table in this exotic boutique restaurant. Step inside of the elegant space for intimate dining. Explore an authentic menu of the finest cuisine at your table or at the sophisticated bar. Relish the flavors and excite all the senses with a different kind of dining experience.

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