Creating the Best Catering Experience


You are just a few steps away from creating the best catering experience. If you need a little guidance with the menu, service style, and the little details that will create a lasting impression, we have a few tips to help you plan. Keep reading and discover how to create the best catering experience.

Building a Menu

Building a menu for an event requires a little more planning than for a small dinner party. You should consider your theme, and foods that will compliment that theme. With theme in mind, you will have a challenge to please a large number of guests, each with a unique palate. Variety is the key to making it a success. Food stations can be a terrific option when you want to allow your guests the opportunity to build their own plate. Small buffet stations will separate lines for food and allow guests to explore different types of cuisine. Not every event has the same style or the same budget to create it. There are some basic steps to creating the best experience for the circumstance.

Catering Style

Catering style is one of the first decisions you should make. You need to have a general idea about how you want to serve food before you even think about the menu. Not every event calls for full-service dining, but the most formal ones should consider this type of service. Full-service brings plated meals to each place setting. A buffet-style dining experience can save on the extra service and cost of having it. A buffet will create lines for food, and other advantages beyond the savings. It provides more variety and the freedom for guests to build their own plate.


Catering to a Theme

Catering should cater to the theme. Consider the season and foods that compliment the weather. Think about the tone of the event. You can easily bring a rustic Tuscany or exotic island theme to life with your food choices and the presentation. Your entrees should coordinate with the theme and compliment side dishes.

Food Management

Food management is an important part of catering. Temperature is critical to your guests’ experience. Different foods require specific temperatures that require monitoring. Portion control can become an issue with a buffet. Having a food manager to work with your catering company at your venue can ensure the dining experience is a success.


Presentation and Design

Color, scent, and design will affect the way food is experienced. The design of the plate and the table must coordinate. Certain colors and scents can have a negative affect on the food. Think about the music, lighting and the décor. Envision your theme and all the details that will convey it. You will want the food to be part of that complete experience and carry the theme.


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