Catering the Wedding Reception


The wedding reception is the celebration following the ceremony that brings everyone together. This exciting event requires catering and careful planning. The dining experience you create on your wedding day will be one of the most remembered moments of the entire event. Let’s explore how your wedding day will revolve around the catering and some tips to make it perfect.

Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour requires catering too. Once the bride and groom are pronounced a married couple, they steal a few moments to celebrate alone with a private toast. The cocktail hour is designed to keep the guests entertained while the newlyweds snag a moment for some memorable wedding photography. Guests usually mingle near the bar and share hors d'oeuvres during this time. Since most couples are nervous during earlier meals, it is a good idea to enjoy an appetizer before the reception.


Reception Tips

A wedding reception revolves around tables, which means that food is in order. This is a time to give thanks and celebrate the joining of the families. Depending on religion and tradition, the officiant might lead a prayer before the meal. As the first course is being served, it is tradition that the host of the wedding stand to welcome guests and offer a toast. The father of the bride usually gives the first speech. The best man follows with a short speech, and then the maid of honor. Speeches should be kept to a couple of minutes and never go beyond five. Keeping it short will avoid timing issues with the dining portion of the reception. If you are planning a buffet-style event, guests can be called by table to a line for service. Carefully consider whether you want full-service catering or a buffet-style event.

Catering the Cake

The cake cutting ceremony is a very special main event at the wedding reception. This is the sweet and playful moment where the bride and groom cut their wedding cake and share the first slice together. It is important that you put some ground rules in place through an important discussion. If you do not want cake in the face, you should avoid future fights and express that in advance. The cake cutting ceremony should take place about forty-five minutes after the main course is cleared. Try to avoid waiting too late into the wedding reception for older guests and parents with small children that might need to leave a little earlier than the rest. Your catering company will probably not be the cake designer; however, your caterer might offer desserts or a late night snack during the reception.

The Grand Exit

The grand exit should be an unforgettable getaway. Most traditions involve a glamorous exit with fireworks, sparklers and a stylish vehicle. In some cultures, the bride and groom see the guests off. However your guests make their exit, it is a good idea to have a small treat or favor to handout as they leave. Handing out the favors upon exit prevents guests from leaving treats behind on the table.


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