Add a Food Station to Your Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

If you are searching for ways to make your wedding catering unique, a food station is an opportunity to get creative. Create a food experience beyond the table, and serve your guests with an entertaining and interactive food station that connects your guests with a chef to customize and deliver the finest on your wedding day. Let’s explore food stations and how it can make your wedding catering extraordinary.

Consider a Pasta Bar

Your wedding catering usually matches your theme. If you are planning to recreate the Italian restaurant where he proposed or envision an Italian theme, a pasta bar can create a tour of Italy. The food station is a small buffet where guests can interact with the chef and build their plate in a unique way. It is also an opportunity to learn about different types of pasta and sauces, and create a complete food experience.

Monfongo Station

If you want to add the flavor of the island with your theme, a monfongo station offers a taste of Puerto Rico. While all the secrets to the recipe cannot be revealed, this food experience involves seasoned and fried plantains that are mashed to a perfect ball and served with fried meats and vegetables. This is a delicious addition to a cocktail hour or reception. You might choose to feature this type of food station near the end of the event as a surprise snack.

Wedding Catering

Add a Taco cart to Your Wedding Catering

A taco cart is a fun favorite, and the perfect way to entertain your guests with food. This entertaining experience allows guests to build their taco and customize the flavors and toppings with the chef. Food stations like this make the wedding catering a little more exciting.

Ceviche Bar

Seafood is a delicacy many fear putting on the wedding catering menu as a main cuisine. Your theme might call for seafood or you might want to get creative with ways to bring seafood into the mix for those seafood lovers on your guest list. A ceviche bar is a classy way to serve fine seafood. This dish usually consists of raw fish cured by citrus juices. It can be spiced with peppers and other seasonings. A ceviche bar can be the perfect appetizer for a cocktail hour or create a food station in your reception area.

Wedding Catering

Add a Carving Station to Your Wedding Catering

A carving station is manned by a chef or member of your wedding catering staff to carve and slice meat upon request. This allows your meat-lovers to choose specific cuts and types of meat. A carving station can be set up as part of the buffet or at another location in the venue.

Staging Your Food

Weddings revolve around food, making your wedding catering essential to creating the experience. Food stations can be staged to match your theme and set up in the cocktail hour area, at the end of a buffet line or at different locations within the wedding venue. You might only choose one food station or a few different types, provided that there is adequate space. If you are a foodie and want to create a spectacular experience with food, a food station is a way to express your personality.

Wedding Catering

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